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Upgrade your workout gear with our exclusive sports collection

Upgrade your workout gear with our exclusive sports collection - Sporto by Macho

You have successfully stepped into the new year and maintained the vow of staying fit! Your resolution towards a healthy 2021 is so far going great. So now is a good time to make sure your workout gear is worthy of your new habit. Not only the perfect workout gear gives you that extra motivation and improve your experience but they also attract a few admirers! 

1. Sweat-free gym vests

Your perfect gym companion to ace your chest and arms workout! Want to flaunt those biceps? This printed gym vest for men from Sporto will bring out those pumps on your chest day. Gym vests are cool and perfect to beat the heat during the summertime as well. These gym vests from Sporto are made with jersey knitted rich cotton fabric for super stability and comfort. Grab a couple of them for yourself from printed to solid gym vests and hit the gym in style. 

2. Get your flexiwear on for maximum durability 

It’s the new year and its time to get out of your comfort zone and sport something more than just black and white! Put on some cool colours while hitting your gym for a fresh look and snap your OOTD for the gram. Sporto has 30 different colours available in these v-neck t-shirts for gym wear which are made with super lightweight rich cotton fabric. This powder blue colour variant from the range will enhance your personality and add a new a refreshing colour to your closet. 

Pair these cool gym wear t-shirts for men with cool shorts that will upgrade your look at the gym!

3. Beat the heat with cool shorts

During the summer heat, it gets super hot and sticky while working out. You don’t want that sticky sweat sticking your legs while performing those leg press at the gym, right? It’s time to switch to cool shorts and pump up those hamstrings. Sporto’s bermuda shorts for men are one of the best gym wear for men and something you need in your gym closet during the summer-time. 

New year brings you an opportunity to flaunt new styles and experiment with your look as well. These workout essential t-shirts and shorts to pair with it is a must-have in your closet to perform a seamless workout. 

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