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  1. 5 Ways to Get into the Zone

    5 Ways to Get into the Zone

    If you wish to make a difference, then you need to get into the zone. Whether you are aiming to play that game well or achieve the marathon target, you can make it all possible by getting into the right mode, the right zone. Other than your everyday routine, it is the control over mind, it’s the right mindset that can help you achieve the impossible.Below are the 5 ways to get into the zone.

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  2. Low Calorie or a Nutrient Rich Diet

    When it comes to what you eat, you need to take your decision wisely as what you eat influences your health and performance. It affects your body’s ability to work efficiently through the day by providing the much needed energy. The food you eat also works as a fuel for your cells and brain. So, planning your meal is important by including nutrient dense foods. Don’t fall prey to counting calories and depriving your body of the much needed nutrition to perform and function well. So, knowing and understanding the meaning of empty calorie and nutrient dense food is important, before you work on your meal plans.

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  3. How to Make Body Weight Routine More Effective ?

    Is your body weight routine not giving the expected results? Are you getting bored with the existing body weight routine? The very fact that you managed to establish an independent workout and weight routine, calls for an applause. But, gradually feeling jaded or not getting the results can happen to any one of us. However, giving up on this bodyweight training routine is not the solution. Rather, looking for ways to make it more effective can give you the desired results. The best part about a body weight routine is that you rely on your own body weight to get the desired strength and toning. Something you can do anytime, anywhere as there is no dependency on a gym or any external weights. So, instead of giving up and looking for an alternate, here is how you can make this routine more effective.

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  4. Yoga – Its Many Benefits for Runners

    Yoga is one form of workout, which blends perfectly with an array of exercise regimes. The beauty of yoga lies in the art of balancing, helping you strengthen your system with your own body weight. So, if you thought yoga has nothing to do with running, well you are mistaken. Running and yoga may sound poles apart, however, these are two forms of workout, which complement each other the most beautifully. Yoga can fill the gap where running makes you fall short. So, if those aches and pains keep you off running for a long time, then give yoga a try. But, don’t treat yoga practice day as a rest day. Below are some of the many benefits of yoga for runners.

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  5. 5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    Tired of fad diets? Want to lose weight, while eating? Then, switch to clean eating habits and lose as much weight as you desire. Reaching your ideal weight will be a possibility provided you opt for easy and manageable ways. But, still pondering how to cook and eat clean? Then, below are some easy means that will help you achieve your weight loss target and stay fit.

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