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  1. Eat More to Lose More? Is this the Right Strategy for Weight Loss?

    Understanding weight loss seems simple to most of us. Eat less, exercise more, and voila, you will shed those kilos easy. However, the problem starts when you are not able to lose weight by eating less i.e. you are managing the calorie intake and workout, and still there is no change on the weighing scales. If you are not eating enough calories and draining a significant chunk by exercising, then your body will not be able to manage the everyday tasks. Under this condition of low energy availability, your body may go into starvation mode and start conserving energy. This will result in weight stagnation or even weight gain in certain situations.

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  2. Social Fitness It Is!

    Social Fitness It Is!

    “Man is a social animal”, and the way social media is penetrating into everyone’s life makes this an absolute truth. We end up spending a significant part of our day on different social media platforms. A study conducted last year indicates, an Indian adult on an average spends 1 hour, 18 minutes on digital media. This time is bound to increase as the smartphone usage in the country has increased by 50% in the last five years and is estimated to reach 442.5 million by 2022. If the viewpoint of your peer’s matter, then make the most of it to benefit you in your fitness goals. It is a great way of keeping you motivated, making you accountable and of tracking your fitness. Use this social revolution to your advantage and say yes to social fitness.

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  3. A Superfood Guide: Introduce All Good Stuff in your Diet

    Is it possible to boost your energy levels, immunity, and cognitive function with the help of certain foods? Well, it is possible. Of course, it does sound too good to be true, but that is why they got the name of Superfoods. Though, there is no one food providing every benefit like building immunity and muscles. You can reap the many benefits by including some of these superfoods for weight loss and energy in your everyday diet. High in nutrients, they can boost the well-being, irrespective of the nature of your job. Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or a super active one, these superfoods can aid your performance in every area of work.

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  4. Buddy Up: Make Partner Workouts Work, This Friendship Day

    It is time of the year to say Thank You to your dear friends for being there always. Whether it is your birthday, first day at work or just time for a party, you still have your friends with you. Now, with Friendship Day around the corner, it must be time to meet-up the whole gang and celebrate your friendship. How about talking and figuring out a workout buddy this year? Workout with friends has its amazing benefits and can keep you going all the way to achieve your fitness target.

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