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  1. 5 Bad Habits You Can Quit with Walking

    5 Bad Habits You Can Quit with Walking

    Old habits are hard to quit, and bad habits are even harder. We may not even recall when we embrace them and when they become a part of us. Moreover, the process of transformation is equally hard. Switching to healthy habits is not about succumbing to a new fad diet or trending exercise, it is about a lifestyle change and committing yourself to overall well-being. One such habit that everyone should embrace is to take up walking. It not only helps to boost your metabolism and keeps you active but can help in overcoming some bad habits too. Here are five such habits that you can quit easily with regular walking.

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  2. 5 tips for Meal-Timing to Make your Weight Loss Achievable

    Timing is everything, and its importance cannot be undermined in one’s weight loss mission. It is not just about what you are eating but also when you are eating. Every calorie counts when you need to see visible changes on the weighing scales. However, along with the calorie, it is also about the food timing for good health and weight loss. Try adopting the below tips to time your meals and see the results.

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  3. Tips & Tricks to Crush Fitness Challenges

    What is it that keeps you off that fitness challenge? Is it the fear of failure or the fear of dropping out early? Well, we all know that fitness challenges are a great way of reaching one’s fitness goals. However, maintaining the momentum often gets tough, and we end up wavering from the chosen path. The enthusiasm vanishes, and we are back into our slumber mode, eating whatever, whenever. So, should one not think about these fitness challenges, rather of any such fitness regimes? Well, you must and even try to achieve it with the below tips and tricks.

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