• 5 Ways to Structure your Workout Routine

    5 Ways to Structure your Workout Routine
    With summers round the corner, it is the ideal time to get back in your tracks and resume your workout routine.Bid adieu to the winter slumber and embrace the warm sun rays every morning with a fab workout. Start your marathon training plan, resume your morning yoga and evening gym sessions with friends and get back in shape now. Resuming workout after a...
  • 4 Post Workout Essentials

    4 Post Workout Essentials
    Make the most of your training efforts by incorporating the right post workout regimen. It is as important as your pre and workout schedule. Athletes and exercisers need to replenish energy stores, increase and improve muscle quality and repair any damages caused during workout. Here is a list of four post workout essentials, which you need to incorporate in your routine to see...
  • Eat your Way to a Healthy Workout

    Eat your Way to a Healthy Workout
    We all know the importance of a workout regime in our everyday life. Research shows 150 minutes of workout a week are a must for every individual. But equally important is a nutritious meal before and after workout, so that your body gets the maximum benefit. If you will not eat well, you will not be able to work out well. Studies suggest,...
  • Break the Monotony, Live Life Your Way

    Break the Monotony, Live Life Your Way
    Change is inevitable, it is difficult to accept and embrace, sometimes. But change is the name of the game. It helps you get out of that cobweb and move-on. Keep introducing small changes in your life from time to time and give new meaning and dimension to your life.    Living a routine life can get monotonous and boring. Sometimes, life itself poses...
  • 5 Tips to Make Early Morning Workout a Reality

    5 Tips to Make Early Morning Workout a Reality
    For many of us an early morning workout is a far-fetched dream. We may have tried repeatedly but some of us are night owls by nature or nowadays rather by choice, so nothing can move us out of the bed, even sunrise. Though we know the significance of that early morning workout and how it will benefit our metabolism and health overall, still...
  • Is the Big M Chasing You?

    Is the Big M Chasing You?
    Have you been thinking of taking up running, lately? Pictures of friends on Instagram and Facebook of completing the Marathon is chasing you? A picture of you posing with Marathon medal is on your mind? Then definitely it is time you start your big Marathon training. And with winters retreating, it is the ideal time to start your practice sessions, so you can...
  • 6 Ways to Stay Active, Stay Fit

    6 Ways to Stay Active, Stay Fit
    Fitness is the key to a good health. We read such quotes day in day out to keep ourselves motivated. Whether you have taken the path to fitness or still pondering over it, such readings will help you to stay enthusiastic until it becomes a habit, a part of your everyday living. These 6 easy means may help you attain that end of...
  • The Guardians of Sports

    The Guardians of Sports
    For some of us, sports come naturally. A day without a run or a basketball game makes the day incomplete and we feel that something is terribly missing. On the contrary, there are few of us who don’t feel propelled. We read, we hear so much about fitness day in and day out from our sportsmen friends yet we always procrastinate. Sporto has a...
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